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Equipo Corre1kmmasCorre1km+ was a Spanish Red Cross charity movement economically supported by Santander Bank. This movement had a runner team made with 6 employees of Santander Bank, including the former Human Resources Chief, José Luis Gómez Alciturri, and the famous runner, Martin Fiz, the captain.

After one year and a half, the results we got:



From 0 followers and being new in a very competitive sector, we got in this period 6.278 fans, a Fan Page Quality level of 95 points and an engagement rate of 38,2%.



The situation on Twitter was similar to Facebook. In February 2014, we had 4.751 followers, with a monthly growth of 300 followers. Every month we got on average 500 tweets, 458 mentions, 582 retweets y 270 favorites.


Online Reputation Level 

In the main indicators of Online Reputation, we were above the average of the sector and very close of our referents, Red Cross and Runners Magazine, despite not having offline resources.


Reputación Corre1kmmas

As Social Media & Online Marketing Manager, I managed the digital strategy and the online communications, both in Social Media and on the website.My functions were:

  • Developing and managing Social Media and digital marketing strategies.
  • Managing Social Media Networks.
  • Creating and managing acquisition and branding campaigns with Facebook Ads.
  • Creating and spreading blog articles.
  • Improving SEO On-Page & Off-Page.
  • Installing and managing plugins on WordPress, such as Twitter Cards or SEO by Yoast.
  • Web and Social Media Analytics
  • Emailing campaigns
  • Creating monthly reports about results and KPI’s achieved.

Online Shop Corre1km+ in Facebook Custom Tab

Online Shop Corre1km+ in Facebook Custom Tab

Logo Corre1kmmas
Agency: Comunica Alternativas MK
Client: Cruz Roja España | Banco Santander
Position: Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager
Term: 2012-14
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