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2º Encuentros Cruz Roja - Empresas

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Anually Spanish Red Cross organizes a meeting with companies in order to show them the needs of different groups of people in Spain and ask for the financial collaboration of this companies. For the second meeting, the agency Comunica Alternativas Mk ask me for managing the digital communication of this event. As result, we get more than 190 Human Resources Managers attended the meeting and the personal congratulation from Financial Acquisitions Director of Spanish Red Cross. 



As Online Communications Manager, my functions were:

  • Get in touch with websites, blogs and digital magazines of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in order to provide them information about the meeting.
  • Identify and connect with Human Resources Heads.
  • Tracking and monitoring which people, websites and media were talking about the meeeting and in which Social Media Networks they did it.
  • Creating a LinkedIn profile, using it to connect with Human Resources Managers and participating in different groups of this Social Networks.
  • Creating and managing mailing campaigns using DDBB of Spanish Red Cross.
  • Taking part in Facebook Groups.
  • Creating and managing LinkedIn Ads campaigns.
  • Writting press releases and post for Spanish Red Cross Social Networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.
Cruz Roja LogoAgency: Comunica Alternativas MK
Client: Cruz Roja España
Position: Social Media Manager
Term: 2013
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